18 setembro 2016

Svatopluk Čech Bridge, Praga wiki

‘Wasn’t it wonderful?’ said Fifi Bradlaugh. ‘Wasn’t it simply wonderful?‘ She looked at Bernard with shining eyes, happy, completely satisfied, at peace with the whole world. ‘Yes, I thought it was wonderful,’ he lied and looked away. The sight of Fifi’s happy face only made him feel his own separateness more keenly. He was as miserably alone now as he had been when the service began more alone because of his unsatisfied desire for something that he could not even describe to himself. Separate and unhappy, while the others were being united with the Greater Being; alone even in Morgana’s arms-much more alone, more hopelessly himself than he had ever been in his life before. He had come out from that blood-red glow into the common, cold light of the electric lamps with a feeling of despair. He was utterly miserable. and perhaps (her shining eyes accused him), perhaps it was his own fault. ‘Quite wonderful,‘ he repeated; but the only thing he could think of was Morgana‘s eyebrow‘ ‘
Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

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