04 junho 2016

Xávega, Praia Areão, Vagos wiki

“Even a ghetto [he quoted a Pastor as saying], after it has remained a ghetto for a period of time builds up its social structure and this makes for more stability, more leadership, more agencies for helping the solution of public problems.”
But when slum clearance enters an area [Salisbury went on] , it does not merely rip out slatternly houses. It uproots the people. It tears out the churches. It destroys the local business man. It sends the neighbourhood lawyer to new offices downtown and it mangles the tight skein of community friendships and group relationships beyond repair.
It drives the old-timers from their broken-down flats or modest homes and forces them to find new and alien quarters. And it pours into a neighbourhood hundreds and thousands of new aces...
Jane Jacobs The death and life of great American cities

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